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Priceline offers travel discounts on hotels, airline tickets, car rentals, vacation packages, and more


Up To 60% Off When you’re in a hurry, choose one of our new last minute Express Deals and book it in seconds. Choose from a huge collection of top hotels at incredible prices, up to 60% off, with no bidding required. We’ll show you the amenities, star rating, neighborhood & price of each hotel before you book. You’ll find out the exact name of the hotel immediately after purchase. | Express Deals, Hotels up to 60% off with NO bidding! Expires December 30, 2017
Deals Tonight-Only hotel deals from your mobile device. See the hotels on sale for tonight only! | Tonight-Only Mobile Hotel Deals! Expires December 30, 2017
Up To 60% Off Select your exact hotel or take advantage of our unique savings products, including Express Deals ®, and our patented Name Your Own Price ® bidding service. With these services, you can book exceptional deals up to 60% off instantly. | Priceline Hotels - Select your Exact Hotel or Name Your Own Price! Expires December 30, 2017
Merchant Limitations:
1.5% Name Your Own Price Hotels, Rental Cars, Airfare, Retail Rental Car completed sale, Vacation Packages and Cruises. 2% retail hotel agency completed sale. 3.5% Retail Hotel Merchant completed sale, $2 Retail Airfare. Mobile/tablet orders apply. Retail orders are only commissionable on completed sale, not on reservation.

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